Wall Ties for cavities over 150mm

Long Ties - S/W/300

stainless steel extra long wall ties for wide cavities

Manufactured from austenitic stainless steel wire to EN:10088 and tested in accordance with EN:846 to comply with EN:845-1-3, certificate No404. The wall tie is 300mm long and suitable for cavities 150mm to 175mm. A type 3 wall tie as defined by BS:5628 suitable for domestic dwellings and small commercial buildings based on a density of 3 ties per square meter and extra ties around all openings.

Recommended Spacings


The extra ties around openings at 225mm vertical and placed 150mm from the edge.

The cross-sectional area of the tie is 8.55mm 2.

Extra Long Ties - S/W/425 maximum

Calculation of tie length = cavity width + 125mm


Cavity widthTie Length

Giving a standard embedment of 62.5mm. Longer ties available if greater embedment required.

The density of the ties depends on the width of the cavity.

200mm3 per M2450mm750mm
250mm4 per M2450mm550mm
300mm4 per M2450mm500mm

Extra ties required around all openings at 225mm vertical and placed 150mm from the edge.

Cross-sectional area of the tie is 15.90mm 2

Certificate No.2013/1